The SPANC (public sanitation via private means) is provided by the Durance Luberon Verdon conurbation (DLVA).

This local service assists users and professionals with the installation of their equipment.

Creation of a new installation or rehabilitation of an existing system

Any landowner wishing to create a new private sanitation system or rehabilitate a faulty existing system must make a declaration to the SPANC of the DLVA. In addition, it is obligatory to consult the SPANC prior to application for a building and development permit.

Diagnostic of an existing system

The SPANC makes a visit to inspect the work. The aim is to fully assess the state of network.

SPANC license fees and regulations

The services provided by the SPANC are payable by the users concerned by the conditions in place.


SPANC presentation
Guide for completing the permit request for a private sanitation system
Private sanitation system regulations
Tips for use and maintenance
Sanitation network
Information about the 0% interest loan

Practical information

SPANC – Régie de l’eau et l’assainissement
1 rue du Château
04180 Villeneuve
T: 04 92 78 41 33
F: 04 92 78 52 91

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