The Manosque town councillors

The town council makes decisions regarding the town’s projects and activities. The 35 Manosque town councillors are elected for a period of 6 years, that is until 2020. The council is an integral of the town’s democratic activity.

Members of the majority

Mr. Bernard JEANMET PERALTA, Mayor of Manosque
Mr. Bernard DiGUET, 1st Deputy, Police, Security and public places
Mr. Guy MICHEL, Assistant Councillor to 1st Deputy, parking
Mrs Valérie PEISSON, 2nd Deputy, Tourism, business relations, signage and advertising
Mrs. Christelle TOUSSAINT, Assistant Councillor to 2nd Deputy, Trade and Craft industry
Mr. Bruno MARTIN, 3rd Deputy, Public works, maintenance, green spaces, flower plantations and traffic
Mr. Denis ROUSSEAU, Assistant Counsellor to 3rd Deputy, Monitoring public works, maintenance, and town cleaning
Mr. Jacques BRES, 4th Deputy, Urban development, housing and town centre
Mrs. Marion MAGNAN, assistant counsellor to 4th Deputy, real estate
● Mrs. Simone JAYNE BROCHERY, 5th Assistant Deputy, Social welfare, fight against social exclusion, senior citizens, gypsy travellers.
Mrs. Agnes LHUGUET, Assistant Councillor to 5th Deputy, Intergenerational and intercultural affairs
Mr. Ludovic PARISOT, 6th Assistant Deputy, Communication, digital strategy, reception, protocol and quality program
Mrs. Lise RAOULT, Councillor Assistant to 6th Deputy, IT
Mrs. Dominique ALUNNO, 7th Assistant Deputy, Youth and Sport
Mrs. Brigitte WEISS, Assistant Councillor to the 7th Deputy, Early childhood, family policy, and accessibility
Mrs. Josette COLOMBERO, 8th Assistant Deputy, Education and schooling
Mrs. Clotilde BERKI, Assistant Councillor for the 8th Deputy, Out of school hour activities
Mr. Cyrille FORESTIER, Councillor for the 8th Deputy, Higher education and universities relations
Mrs. Emmanuelle PRADALIER, 9th Assistant Deputy, General business, elections, civil registry and management control
Mrs. Roselyne GIAI-GIANETI, Councillor, Insurance, procurement, and public works contracts
Mr. Gilles CARTIER, 10th Assistant Deputy, Town activities, events and the twin town program
Mr. Sabri DERRADJI, Assistant councillor to the 10th Deputy, Associations
Mr. Armel LE HEN Councillor, Finance
Mr. Joël MORIN, Councillor, Patriotic ceremonies
Mrs. Michelle BARRIERES, Councillor, Human resources
Mr. Pascal ANTIQ, Councillor, Heritage

Opposition members
  • Mrs. Martine Carriol
  • Mrs. Stéphanie Brochus
  • Michel D’Angelo
  • Mr. Pierre-Charles D’Herbès
  • Mrs. Emilie Lauvergeon
  • Mr. Franck Parra
  • Mr. Jean-François Pellarey
  • Mr. Eric Sauvaire

Practical information

Cabinet du maire
Hôtel de Ville
04100 Manosque
04 92 70 34 56

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